Monday, July 2, 2012

time flies when you're having fun

That's what they say, right? So another month has flown by. I'll recap by going back to late May when this photo was taken. About every two years it seems we have a photographer come take pictures of the kids. And it's a stressful event for me because I'm a perfectionist so it's all about buying new clothes, keeping them clean, hoping for good weather, happy kids. So when a small blinde curly boy splits his head open the morning of said photo session, it kinda puts a damper on things. Our first stiches episode. Let's be honest though, with Noel's personality and track record, it's amazing it didn't happen sooner. Our pediatrician stitched him up lickity split and he was home in time for the photographer. Not the happiest camper, but he rallied. And I even lifted myself out of my catatonic state as well. Yes, I was watching Noel when he slipped on the wet bathroom floor and split his head on a stone ledge into the shower. And I was completely useless as I am in every crisis.

So yeah, there's the family. Pretty good huh. Our Miss Eloise has officially outlived Cian so now our firstborn is our youngest child. I look at her, how cute and fun she is and feel so sad. It's so hard to remember Cian like that because there wasn't a lot of happiness for him at the end. And all the bad overshadows much of the good unfortunately. All the drama casts a shadow on the mundane.

Okay I've slapped myself and am moving on to happier thoughts. Summer is here in upstate NY. Paudie is playing soccer. Finally. What a scene it is watching 4-5 year olds try and do anything in a coordinated, organized manner. He loves it though. He was goalie in his first game and was lucky to have his stocky younger brother play the role of water boy and co-goalie.  All the other parents have adapted to Noel. That he thinks he's a player to and is often on the field during the game. And because he's more boy than I am mom, I can't really control him. John has been subsititute coaching for the past few games so I've been in charge of Elle and Noel which is where the issue comes in. I keep hoping P will make some friends with the younger kids who will be in his class in the fall but all he does is gravitate towards the older ones. But it's all good and we are starting to meet other parents. Now let's not get crazy here, I didn't say I was making friends - but it's a start. There should be a type service for mom's like me. Shut ins.

We also joined the Genessee Country Museum last week. For anyone visiting upstate NY with kids, a must see. It's only 10 minutes from our house, one of those huge outdoor museums that make you feel you've stepped back in time. All the people who work there or waaaaaayyyy into it, living like it is the late 1800s. Going there was  a blast from the past for me - I'm sure I went there for a field trip every year of grade school. But it was great to be outdoors, doing something interesting and educational. Seeing how people lived in the time our house was built. John was outside working on the front walkway last week when the great grandson of the original builder/owner stopped by to chat. Love it. Told us a key reason he built here was to be close to the railway into Rochester. See, even 120 years ago it was all about the commute.

In other news, Princess Eloise is turning into a handful. I forgot how that happens at about 7 months. Amazing how when your brain thinks it's done with a piece of information, it just discards it. So it all came back to me this week. Fussy, loud, grabby, wants to go. At least she isn't crawling though, which Noel was at this age. My god we've been chasing him for a long time. I keep telling myself, it will all be a lot easier one year from now. Not that it's hard now, just so exhausting. Noel was up at 5 today, walked into our room, turned on the light. Then screeched like a maniac for another 30  minutes. Back up at 7:15 happy as Larry. Why doesn't he need sleep? Why can't he love sleep like his parents and other siblings do?

So that's the latest. I'd say Happy Fourth of July to all but everyone knows that it's a major bummer when the Fourth falls on a Weds.

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