Wednesday, November 25, 2009

tanks a lot

Today's title is in reference to my husband's accent that always doesn't yield an 'aich' sound - used to crack me up when he'd call someone a 'tug.' So here on Thanksgiving eve it's all about the thanks cos right now, this moment at 11:06 AM, I have much to be thankful for. Sure, a lot of things that I feel I got totally gipped (is that how you spell it?) on, but let's face it, for today, November 25 at 11:07 AM, things are good. I have a healthy, energetic son who is the light of my life and a wonderful husband who cooks for me and drives me around. My family is, for the most part, healthy - another year has almost passed and no major, or unexpected, crisises. I have amazing friends, a job that doesn't keep me up at night, a roof over my head, and food on the table. I have a little boy in heaven watching over me.

This year I am especially thankful to be staying put! No travel for us. We are doing dinner on our own for the first time ever. Hopefully the beast of a turkey John bought will defrost in time! I am looking forward to a really traditional, homecooked meal, and the start of the holiday season because Paudie is going to go full tilt this year, I know it. He is already starting to point out lights and Santa Claus. This weekend we will take him to a lighting display where we live and hopefully a parade welcoming Santa. We took him to that parade when he was 3 months old and I remember wishing we could fast forward time and be at a place that he would be aware of it and enjoy it - and here we are. The next few weekends are jampacked with fun holiday stuff. All makes me finally understand that Christmas is really for your children - finally some joy to all the running around and shopping.

So there you have it, an upbeat post from I, Eeyore. Hope you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving and that despite what might be happening in your own lives that wasn't as expected or as hoped, you too feel blessed for the things you do have that make getting up every day worth it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

better every day

Awww. Look at that face! Funny how in a year we went from a cute and cuddly lion at Halloween to a spider. Though Pau wasn't exactly a scary black widow. I was so afraid he wouldn't wear his costume but he embraced it for the most part, and had a really fun night. We hit about 5 houses, but he was way more into actually handing candy out to the 100 or so kids that came by. During quiet moments he would yell, "Come on kids." He only threw the bowl on the ground once, and we got away with giving him minimal candy. What a great night.

While the title of today's post refers to my feelings on parenting, I suppose it could also refer to my feelings about myself right now. But the intent was to reflect how (warning: cliches ahead) every day we wake up and this bouncy little creature comes into us and says or does something completely unexpected and different than the day before. It's all such an adventure. Today John asked him "had you a good night's sleep" and Paudie replied "yup" without missing a beat. Every day it's something new and something brilliant. It's just the best and I just look at Paudie with wonder and think, I owe this kid so much.

The fall, though sort of bumpy in October, has been a lot of fun. Luckily we have all stayed healthy. I am very excited for the holidays this year - Paudie is all about decorations. Loves to point out lights and the large ornaments hanging from the mall ceiling. Along with high pitched squealing of course. I can't wait to see how he reacts to a Christmas tree, though I suspect between him and Banjo, there could be trouble. More with the latter. Knowing it will soon be card time, we decided we couldn't go without the boy having a real haircut any longer (the last and only was in May) so that was our Saturday outing. We talked it up and tried to get him pumped. We got to the place and had to wait 30 mins - kept him going with suckers. He was in a a great mood, running around and playing. We thought, could it be? Could he have grown out of his haircut fear? Then when the moment of truth came... screaming and tears. Paudie clung to John's chest. The woman perservered though and eventually Pau calmed a little bit. He ended up with a very cute yet surprisingly mature cut. I think he looks like he is 4.

Afterwards we went to the Cheesecake Factory which I thought would be a disaster because it was late in the day - and it was. Paudie was very poorly behaved. Would not sit still or eat. There was a couple next to us with a 10 month old (or so) and they just kept staring at us, particularly when Paudie threw himself on the ground and spit his food out his mouth. I wanted to say to them "HE'S ONLY TWO!!!!! He's just tall for his age. And has a mature haircut," because I felt like they were thinking, can't these people control their teenager? Strangers will ask Paudie his name and he just stares at them, no response. I guess I am being sensitive but I know kids who are tall/look older can be treated differently. Sometimes as I hear John trying to rationalize with him about something I think he even forgets that Paudie isn't really there yet.

But all in all, life is good at this moment.