Tuesday, July 29, 2008

worth 1000 words

So my whole issue with keeping this blog semi up-to-date is that I am lazy when it comes to uploading digital photos. John is very good about capturing lots of moments with Paudie - but he never uploads so when I go to do it, there are like 200 new photos and they all have to be red-eye adjusted etc then sent to Snapfish so I can access them. Sigh. Hopefully this week I will grad some newer pics.

Paudie is doing soooo good! He is trying his darndest to walk - and getting scarily close. The entire house has been baby proofed - there is no furniture in the living room, a massive gate has been put up by the stairs, the dining room has been turned into a massive baby jail with lots of toys and a new play room has been set-up in the basement. Lots of options for PC to play. His top two teeth are working their way down and he is super drooly. It's quite impressive. As for food, he's getting a little better. Still gaggy, but not as barfy.

The major concession we have made is around our sleeping arrangement. Paudie will not sleep in his crib - he just won't and frankly, I don't have the heart to make him cry it out for a few nights. He's happy with us, we're happy with him. So we bought a king size bed. It came today - I don't know who is most excited between the three of us. Hopefully John and I will get more sleep with more room away from our little heat seeking missle.

Paudie has also started to point. Out of the blue, with no prompting. He points a lot at totally random things. I love these new little developments! They are fascinating to me.

I promise to post new pics soon.

Friday, July 11, 2008

the living's easy

We are back from our week away and it is really feeling like summer. Man is it easier to deal with an uncooperative, squirmy baby in the summer than in the cold weather. These days its like, okay, you don't want to put clothes on? Diaper for you. Paudie has also been spending lots of time in an inflatable pool on our back deck. It's next to his sandbox, which he also loves. The problem is that he can speedily go from pool to sandbox and it makes him sorta a grimey, gritty mess. But he's happy and we're pushovers so there you have it.

Paudie did some sight-seeing last week. The petting zoo was a bust as it started to rain as soon as we arrived, but we were able to spend a day at Letchworth State Park which is quite lovely. He went for some strolls - checked out the falls and the Mt. Morris dam - not really too impressed with any of it. We also spent a morning at the Rochester Public Market which was interesting - tons to see and smell and try and touch. Oh, and he got to go for a dip in his grandpa's pool, but I think the inflatable frog pool is more his speed. It was awesome - though very exhausting - to spend a week with him. It felt like he changed so much - he is now crawling like crazy, cruising everywhere and can even stand on his own for a little bit. We feel as if he is putting all his energy into trying to walk. Food be damned.

The sleep schedule is still a disaster. Last night he slept from 10:30 to 10:30. It's great he get's his 12 hours but really he should be putting us to bed. I can't even stay awake to see him drift off most nights. But I shouldn't complain too much because with his late schedule, I do get to spend a decent amount of time with him once I get home from work.

We have a babysitter minding Paudie one day a week for the summer. It is so nervewracking for me to leave him even though she seems fabulous. I really have to learn to be okay with these things - but it's going to take time.