Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just like his mama

Paudie is the image of me when I was small in this pic. Yes, I looked like a boy. A boy with a bad haircut. It's the eyes. Except he has long, luxurious lashes and I have horrid stubby ones. I'm so fortunate Wendy takes lots of pics at daycare cos lately John and I have been slacking big time.

So it's been almost a month since my last post. Ugh. What even happened I wonder? Well we survived Cian's birthday. It was harder this year than last - last year we were landing in Ireland on his bday so between jetlag and preoccupation, it was easier to cope. This year it was all in our face. I managed to make it to about 9:30 PM before I had my total meltdown. Then it takes about 2 days to get over the anniversary hangover.

But enough about that. Paudie started swimming Saturday and... success! John took him and I really had no idea what the report was going to be. I guess he was a little unsure at first - but then he was all about it. He was exhausted when the 30 minute class was over. The boys came home and got me and we went to breakfast and Paudie chowed! He rarely does that - but clearly he worked up an appetite, as did his dad.

Paudie has also been very pro-mama lately which has been nice. I am sure it is a phase but I'll take it while it lasts. I'm loving a little cling. He's also been cracking us up with some of the things he's been saying. The other nights after dinner he asked us, "guys, you wanna watch a movie?" Guys. Priceless. He was at his 30 month check-up earlier this week - a total screaming mess for much of it, until the doctor came in. Then he looks at the doc and says, "You Dr. Irons?" And from that point on he was the most well-behaved, compliant patient. Maybe we are over the hump? During the exam the doc had to take a call about getting his basement pumped out and that was all Paudie could talk about once we got home. So funny the things kids latch on to. I wonder if he'll talk about it again next time we see Dr. Irons which should be any day now.

So things are really great with Paudie though I can't help but feel sorta sorry for him since his whole world is about to go upside down and he truly has no idea. He has been the center of our worlds in so many ways for 2.5 years (really longer I guess). A total golden child. Though if I may pat ourselves on the back for just one minute here, I do think we have done a good job of not letting it go to his head too much - this isn't a spoiled brat. I think he likes our laid back vibe and understands it's intent/genesis in some weird cosmic way.