Friday, August 22, 2008

you take the good you take the bad you take them both...

I realize my blogging is getting worse. My excuse this time is that we left our digital camera on the cape a few weeks back and I hate to make an entry without a photo. But since I don't know when we are getting our camera back... hopefully it is in the next two weeks before Paudie's insane first birthday party!

The last few weeks have been like a rollercoaster in Paudie's world. Highs - starting to walk, getting his top two teeth, making horsey noises, eating cookies - and Lows - falling down, getting an ear infection, having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic, and getting his finger pinched in a door. But all in all he remains totally and utterly awesome. He is starting to demonstrate some hella good climbing skills - over the top of his new car, up the gate blocking our stairwell- and given his long legs and long arms, he can get to doorknobs and things on the countertop with ease. We are starting to experience some temper tantrums - it's like, you can't help but laugh at the child.

Eating remains a problem, though somedays it seems like it is getting better. His new fascination is eating fuzzies. Off the rug, from under the refrigerator... strands of hair, fibers from his diaper... kinda weird. Even his dad's chest hair. Maybe he's part cat. He's holding at about 22 lbs, will be interesting to see how his profile has changed at his well visit in two weeks - I am predicting off the chart for height, 50% for weight. Everytime I see super tall and super skinny men on the street I think, yup, that's gonna be our boy in a few years. Maybe we have another Michael Phelps on our hands! cha ching!

So as I mentioned above, we are having a small gathering for Paudie's first birthday. This is a huge milestone for us for obvious reasons. I am not yet sure of the party's theme, but I already know that in addition to his car and his PAUDIE Mass license plate, he is getting a funky pair of walking shoes. The boy has worn shoes maybe 5 times in his life? It's going to be interesting when he goes to daycare and has to wear them every day! With socks!! And pants!!!